• To empower youth between the ages of 13-18 to make positive changes within themselves and the community.
  • Provide family engagement events and opportunities.
  • Support youth in becoming active leaders and positive role models within the community.
  • Monthly workshops
  • Community focused field trips

The Springfield Dreams of Youth Unified, Inc (DOYU) Program was first established to provide a place for at risk youth to engage in activities and support services that would promote positive and healthy living. The DOYU program addresses mental health, social and emotional well being, academic engagement, healthy relationships with peers, and physical fitness for teenagers. These topics are covered through weekly group counseling provided, and monthly workshops addressing topics mentioned. We have serviced over 175 teenagers in the city of Springfield. Our mission is to empower teenagers to make positive changes within themselves and their communities through mentoring and self advocacy. Please visit our Facebook page at DOYU for information on upcoming events, signups, and to answer any questions you may have regarding our youth program.

We are conscious of the growing concerns regarding school attendance, truancy, and violence impacting our youth between the ages of 13-19 in the city of Springfield. Team DoYu will provide comprehensive access to health and social services as well as academic tutors to promote not only mental well-being, but academic success.

Program objectives include ensuring that our students participating in our program reduce the amount of absences and truancy of students. It is also our focus to ensure that our students decrease the amount of office referrals for students that are involved in the program.

Dreams of Youth Unified was founded in 2018. The focus of DOYU  is to deliver a venue for at risk youth to engage in positive activities with peers and mentors that promote educational and social engagements. We aim to teach and care for all children enrolled and also show the parents, the importance of maintaining balance in today’s busy world.


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