With careful consideration, we have started the process and have launch another sports opportunity for our youth. We realize access and cost is much to bear for families. There is also a lot of scholarship money that can be competed for in the long run. With our partnership with Boys & Girls Club Family Center’s Executive Director, Keshawn Dodds and collaboration with local lacrosse coaches, Ashley Marie, Katie Ryan, and Riley Brennan. We are starting the very first Springfield Ballers Lacrosse program for boys and girls. The program will host boys and girls starting in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Clinics have begun June of 2021.
If you would like to support the growth of our Lacrosse program, you can donate today. Every little bit counts to us reaching our goal of fielding teams in the very near future.
More details on clinics to come.

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Springfield Ballers

Please find a list of sponsorship opportunities below for our youth:

US Lacrosse Membership
(Youth Player)


Full Equipment for 1 Youth Girl


Full Equipment for 1 Youth Boy


Springfield Ballers LAX Sponsorship


1 Girls Team Sponsorship


1 Boys Team Sponsorship


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